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We are happy to greet you in the «iloft» territory. «iloft» is a platform where everyone has the opportunity to book and rent an apartment online in the capital of the Republic of Armenia in Yerevan in terms of unique and comfortable conditions.

In our proposed apartments you will combine both the family coziness and the hotel high-quality service.

Our clients are individuals: physical persons, couples and families, who come to Yerevan for business purposes and for rest.

We really offer best PRICE/QUALITY in economically feasible and favorable conditions. We are sure that you will fully enjoy your holiday time or business trip, you will feel secure and confident, as well as you will feel a positive difference in your wallet or credit cards.

We hope that once you use the «iloft» services, you will become our regular customer and our cooperation will be more effective and for a long term. («iloft» Inc). Address: Hamo Sahyan 102, Yerevan 0012, RA. Tel: +374-95-545638.

THIS is a booking Agreement.

We present to you 10 ADVANTAGES why you should choose «iloft» - apartments and use «iloft» - services.

1. The «iloft» - apartments are located in the center of Yerevan or in the closest to the center of the city district - Arabkir,

2. The «iloft» - apartments are in new or stone buildings,

3. The «iloft» - apartments are located on the main streets,

4. The «iloft» - apartments have a beautiful view from the windows or from the balconies,

5. The «iloft» - apartments are equipped with excellent communal facilities, air conditioning, high-quality TV channels, Wi Fi internet,

6. The «iloft» - apartments have services provision typical to the hotel rooms: bedding sets and hygienic appliances, cleaning, delivery of food and beverages,

7. Using our apartments and becoming a member of the «iloft» club, you will have the opportunity to earn bonuses of up to 3% of your payments,

8. If desired, we will meet you at the airport and take you to rented apartment free of charge,

9. «iloft» offers flexible system of prices. For example, if the cost of renting an apartment for one day is conditionally 60 US dollars, the cost for 2 days will be $ 118 (2 x 59), for 3 days - 174 dollars (3 x 58), for 4 days - 228 (4 x 57 ), and so the price will reduce for one dollar per every day, during the period of 30 days,

10. In the «iloft»-apartments you will be provided with services typical for the hotel, but at much lower prices.