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«iloft» (hereinafter reffered to as EXECUTOR) takes the obligation to carry out services provision defined in tne current agreement on services provision (hereinafter reffered to as Agreement).


1. The EXECUTOR should provide the guest (CLIENT), arrived in Yerevan for the purpose of business or leisure, an apartment in the «Center» or «Arabkir» administration districts of Yerevan in accordance with the information placed on the web-site.

2. The order is carried out in electronic form and must be approved by the EXECUTOR.

3. The bilateral approved order is an agreement between the EXECUTOR and the CLIENT in accordance with the terms and conditions presented on the web-site.

4. The acceptance of the apartment is carried out at 2:00 PM local time, and the check-out should be implemented at 12:00 o’clock.

5. The Client within 3 days from the moment of occupation of the apartment should make a payment in AMD or in foreign currency at the exchange rate determined on the day of acceptance.



1. Fill in the order form according to the required standards.

2. Notify the EXECUTOR at least 2 days prior in case of making changes in the order.

3. In case of payment delay for services provision to pay a penalty of 1% of the order amount for each day of delay.

4. Take care of the property and equipment, provided by the EXECUTOR on temporary use, and in case of damage or loss to reimburse the cost or repair at its own expense.

5. In case of cancellation or change of terms of the order to notify the EXECUTOR at least 2 days prior making the order.

6. In case if any problems or difficulties arise immediately notify the EXECUTOR about it.

7. Do not hand over the apartment to the third parties without the consent of the EXECUTOR.

8. Do not carry out such activities in the apartment, which can disturb the peace of neighboring residents.


1. To demand from the EXECUTOR to provide the services properly and on time.

2. To change or cancel the order in accordance with the rules specified in the agreement.

3. To get a complete information about the order and the services.


1. Qualitatively and in time to provide the CLIENT with all the services specified in the information sheet.

2. Within 2 days after receiving the order to contact with the CLIENT, to inform about the possibilities of execution of the order and reliably answer all the questions of the CLIENT.

3. In case if there are some proposals or changes to be made, to inform the EXECUTOR 2 days before getting the order, providing other proposals instead with similiar conditions.

4. To provide the apartment with linen and towels in accordance to the number of the guests, and in the case of prior notice of the CUSTOMER to refresh them at no additional charge.

5. In the event of a problem in the apartment, to solve the problem within 24 hours if they do not have a general character related to the area or building, if the problem is not resolved within 24 hours to move the CLIENT to an appropriate apartment on its own expense, or return the corresponding amount for CLIENT`s missing days.

6. If necessary, to establish contact with the CLIENT for further adjustments.

7. To provide the CLIENT with his and other people’s contact details on which the CLIENT will be able to reach if necessary.

8. In the event of termination of the lease of the apartment on his initiative, but not on the CLIENT’s request, to notify the CLIENT 2 days before, making the recalculation and returning the amount to the CLIENT for the number of the missing days and as a penalty, to pay 25% of this amount.


1. To terminate the order and return the advance payment with deduction of 25% as a cancellation fee if the CLIENT has not informed the EXECUTOR two days before on the termination of the order or change of the terms of the order. If the CLIENT didn’t make advance payment the EXECUTOR is entitled to charge the CLIENT 25% of the total cost of the order.

2. To stop the services provision without returning the amount if the CLIENT has not implemented the obligations specified in the Agreement.

3. In case of emergency, upon notice to the CLIENT, enter into the rented apartment, in case of his absence or unavailability - enter the apartment without preliminary notice.

4. To terminate the lease of the apartment before the specified terms in accordance with the obligations stipulated in the Agreement.

Force majeure

After conclusion of the Agreement none of the parties will take responsibility on full or partial failure of any of the obligations in this Agreement if failure is a result of unforseen circumstances and which the parties could not forsee or prevent. Such circumstances may be: earthquake, floods, fires, wars, martial or emergencies, political situation, strikes, disorder of the communication means, acts of state bodies, etc., which can make the implementation of the obligations impossible.

All questions, that are not stipulated under the AGREEMENT, are regulated by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.